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The colour cannon is a fine art gallery by Deepti based in Mumbai, Mahrashtra.

She is a young and enigmatic Designer with a fine sense of aesthetics and a creative eye for detail. She holds a background  in hospitality and residential architecture and  interior design. She went to design school in India and Italy. Having lived and worked in different cities  has been an enriching experience that has given her an appreciation for different cultures, aesthetics and a wide perspective that she brings to her work.

Her inspiration comes from the city of Florence in Italy where she went  to pursue a masters degree in Interiors in 2016. Later she came back to gaining some professional experience in India.

Today she lives her dream, captures her thoughts and memories on canvas

She believes art is the most honest medium to express oneself. It not only adds an aesthetic appeal but also strengthens the identify and character of a space. Her art ranges from classical to modern contemporary, abstract and realistic in mediums like water color, graphite, ink and acrylic or oil.

So come, evoke your real self with art that defines you!

Been a pleasure interacting with Deepti. Beautiful work and very professional. Wish you the very best in your field.

- Anita Singh, Gurugram, India

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